Làctics Peralada it's Mas Marcè family since 2009.

Mas Marcè decided to buy this brand,until then, only they produced cow's products in Peralada's village, Emporda.

After purchase the name, Marce's familiy decided constructed -in fields propis- a new milking parlor and a new corral where he bought a new breed of sheep in this case Lacoune.

Why Lacoune breed and not Ripollesa like Mas Marce's brand?

-Breed Ripollesa (Mas Marcè) only produces half a liter per day. Lacona's sheep (Làctics Peralada) 2 liters of milk a day.

-Làctics Peralada becomes in organic, hence the name becomes: Ecolàctics Peralada

-We produce yogurt, cheese and "annealing" (as Marcè Mas), but with some differences:

-More production; cheaper and more days of expiry of its products as "annealing" because the brand Ecolàctics Peralada, uses "agar agar" like a rennet and not Herba col like in Mas Marce's brand

For these reasons in Catalonia only exists one "recuit" that has 28 days of date of expiry

Moreover, Làctics Peralada (not organic brand) produces cow's products like natural yogurt, low-fat yogurt and fruit yoghurt