Our flock

Our Ripollesa's breed presents examples of elongated proportions and average size, with a very characteristic pigmentation on the head and limbs. Its superfine wool with a long tail, often ending in elbow. 

The milk from Ripollesa's sheep is very good although it isn't a sheep that produce much milk compared to others. Our race produces half a liter of milk a day with two milked

His weight is more or less 45 to 60 kg with famales and 65 to 85 with males but depents with zones.  

His height is about 67 cm in females and 72 in males. It is a rustic breed, allowing adaptation to the environment. It's perfectly adapted to different operating systems (transhumance, extensive and semi-extensive). This makes it very suitable and profitable production with many possibilities, but is used primarily in meat production.

How it's Ripollesa's breed:

-Elongated head

-Big tits and often pigmented

-Both sexes can have horns but males are more developed and ends with two laps out

-Ears slightly falls

-Fine wool.

-The wool can be hairy or rinxolada birth

-Pigmented nose.